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Star Systems

There are apparently 21 known star systems in the immediate sector that are inhabited by alien species. The two main races are the reptillians and the humanoids. The reptillians, however, have a slave race known as greys. There is also an abandoned star system, Lyra, and our own contested Sol system.



Zeta Reticuli I

ReticuliConstellation: Reticulum (Double Star System)
Distance from Earth: 39 LY
Inhabitants: Grays.
Planets: Serpo.

The homeworld of the Zeta Reticulans, or Grey aliens. They migrated here after a nuclear war on Apex in the Vega system resulted in enough radiation to decay their DNA. A secret government project called Serpo allowed for the exchange of twelve human ambassadors with eleven Grey ambassadors. The humans, citizens of the U.S., lived on Serpo for some years (click the link for more information on that program).