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Things are getting ridiculous. At home.


Wall Street Journal: "Prepare for an apocalyptic anarchy ending Wall Street's toxic capitalism."

This information hit the net while I was bored with surfing alien conspiracies. It looks like things as we know it in the United States might come to an end.

The United States is in debt, and that bubble is going to pop very soon, by September at the latest. Although many people are not paying attention, Obama has spent more money during his term than all other Presidents combined, including George W. Bush. Once the country has debt that it cannot repay, one of the ways out is to print money, going into hyper-inflation and making the dollar worthless. Another option is basically civil war and declaring new countries.

Civil War.
There has been much talk of civil war and revolution, contrary to the spin the mainstream media has put on things. Montana, Texas and even Idaho have all talked about succeeding from the union.California is completely bankrupt. A Russian academic has even predicted a civil war in the United States this year, even producing this speculative map:

Post-War U.S.A.

Map Author: Igor Panarin

War Between Israel and Iran.
Israel has warships headed through the Suez Canal towards the Persian Gulf, which are possibly missile ships carrying nuclear weapons.

Iran: "We will strike the west "a stunning blow" on February 11th.
Their announcement, in conjunction with 20th anniversary celebrations for the Iranian revolution, was that they had successfully enriched .20 uranium. According to their news sources, they have no intention of making a nuclear weapon but had to enrich the fuel on their own in order to provide medical isotopes.

Vancouver: Nuclear Event at the Olympics?
There is speculation going on at this moment in time that the U.S. government is setting up a false-flag terrorist attack at the Olympics.