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Things are getting ridiculous.

2010 is looking to be an insane year for conspiracy theorists. While most people are leading normal lives, the most intricate science-fiction story of all time seems to be leaking into our reality.

In December 2009 alone, we had a giant pyramid appear over Moscow, Russia, and a spiral appear over Norway. The pyramid was well-documented by Russian newscasts, although not confirmed. The Norway Spiral, however, was definitely confirmed and reported on newscasts world-wide. The official story is that it was a Russian rocket mis-fire, although occultist Benjamine Creme claims that it is a sign for the coming savior Maitreya that he often channels. Hugo Chavez has also blamed the U.S. for the earthquake in Haiti, saying they were testing their HAARP weapons system, something that has been speculated to be behind the Norway Spiral.

Could we be facing upcoming alien disclosure, integration into the existing extra-terrestrial framework, the rise of a new, possibly false, messiah, and the rise of an eastern-like spirituality into the western world with a new quantum theory of mind including scientific explanations for astral travel, free will and death among many other things.

SkepticThe Skeptic

The Norway Spiral was officially claimed to be a failed Russian missile test, and there are videos on Youtube showing example failed missile launches that make similar patterns. There is also a document on that shows a mathematical analysis that confirms it was a Russian missile test. Hugo Chavez probably got his information about the HAARP technology from conspiracy websites.

The TruthThe Truther

Benjamin Creme has officially claimed on his website that the Norway Spiral was a sign of the coming of the prophet Maitreya. There have been a disproportionate number of cataclysmic events in the last decade, from Hurricane Katrina that destroyed New Orleans to the tsunami in Indonesia to the 2010 Haiti earthquake that could point to the use of HAARP or dimensional shifting or something different altogether. Or nothing. The same person who wrote the document claiming that the Norway Spiral was a missle test used mathematics to show that the missile would have been travelling at 32,000 kph, or twice as fast as the fastest missile known.