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World of Origin: Earth
Current Home System: Orion
Height: 5'5'' to 9'
Alignment: Draconian Confederation

In the early history of Earth, the Annunaki came and did genetics testing, producing the Reptillian race. At this time, there were also humans on the planet and a conflict erupted. Many reptillians left Earth, and colonized Polaris, Alpha Draconis, Sirius, Rigel, Betelguese and Bellatrix. Eventually, seeing the human colonies in the Lyra system as a threat, they staged a surprise assault, destroying three planets and starting an age-long galactic war. By colonizing the Orion constellation, they hope to access a gateway that leads to another realm.

The reptillians are a militaristic race interested in domination and expanding their empire, and using humanoids and other races as slaves. They are shape-shifters, able to take human form, and often use this to infiltrate human planets.

Reptillian nobles are large, winged creatures that resemble devils. They live on Alpha Draconis.




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World of Origin: Erra, Lyra
Current Home System: Various
Height: 5' to 7'
Alignment: Galactic Federation

In the very beginning, humans from Erra in the Lyra system came to Earth and did genetic experiments, creating the Reptillians. In addition, they came back to earth 600,000 years ago or so and genetically modified the apes and mokeys to create a race of slave humans to mine their gold.

At some point, the original Lyran planets were destroyed through war and the humanoids colonized Alycon and Tygeta in the Pleidies star cluster, also known as the seven sisters, and Vera in Lyra.

Humans from Earth colonized Sirius A, however Reptilians had already colonized Rigel in the Orion star system and attacked Sirius and Lyra.When Sirius A was attacked, the humans fled to Sirius B and Procyon. However, Procyon was tricked by the gray aliens to accept a treaty that allowed the Reptilians to infiltrate their planet and control it.

Alpha Centauri was colonized by Vegans, Tau Ceti by some form of Lyrans and Epsilon Eridani by humanoids of unknown descent were at some point and remained relatively peaceful. Wolf 424 and Hydes in the Taurus system were colonized at some point as well, but less is known about these two systems.

Altair Aquilla and Aldebaran were colonized by humans but tend to allign with the Dragonian Confederation, or at least with Reptilian groups. Capella was colonized by Reptialians.

Procyon has recently been liberated by the Federation.

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World of Origin: Ancient Lyran Planets
Current Home System: Zeta Reticuli
Height: 5'5'' to 7'
Alignment: Draconian Confederation, Orion Empire

The Annunaki, who were the original humanoid race from Lyra, ended up destroying their homeworlds in nuclear war and environmental disasters. The humans that were left on the homeworlds began to devolve from the radiation into what are now greys.

Eventually, they colonized Zeta Reticuli I and Zeta Reticuli II. In addition, a caste of noble tall greys runs the Orion Empire.

The greys are curious, logical beings that have no ability to feel normal human emotions. They wish to get this back by genetically creating a race of grey/human hybrids. Most are clones.

The Zeta Reticulans are the ones responsible for most alien abductions, and the ones that crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico. They have an agreement with the Reptillians and possibly the U.S. government that lets them experiment on humans in order to provide data and seed for their attempt to make a grey/human hybrid. In fact, it is possible that they are controlled and subservient to the Reptillians.


Ascended Beings

World of Origin: Andromeda Galaxy, Arcturus
Current Home System: Arcturus, Andromeda
Height: None
Alignment: Galactic Federation

These ascended beings from Arcturus are known as the most advanced civilization in this galaxy. They are positive beings of light that focus on healing. Their homeworld houses a gateway that spirits go through in life and death, as well as gateways to other universes and galaxies.

These beings of light are from the Andromeda galaxy and travel to our galaxy through a stargate in Arcturus in order to assist in enlightenment. Their human form has a tint of blue in their skin.

Hyrbids / Androids

World of Origin:
Current Home System:
Height: Varies
Alignment: Draconian Confederation

Human/Grey Hybrid:
This hybrid, created by the greys from genetic experiments involving abductees, range from 6 to 7 feet tall and have a slightly larger head and eyes than humans. They can communicate telepathically and have a larger intellect than the average human. The Greys created this hybrid in order to attempt to make a super-race combining their intellect with human emotional ability in an effort to save their dying race.

Reptillian/Grey Hybrid:
The motive for these experiments by the Greys must have been "why not?" These beings are four to five feet tall, with greenish-tan skin and almond shaped eyes. They usually wear a full body suit and have claws.

Reptillian/Grey Hybrid:
These Reptillians are the ones who are capable of shape-shifting into humans to infiltrate human planets. They probably have more human DNA than the average Reptillian, giving them five fingers and external genetalia. They also possess lenses to cover up the fact that their eyes have a slit instead of a round pupil.

The Orange:
A race of humans that come from Bernard's Star and are allied with the Reptillians. Range from six to seven feet tall and have red hair. The Paiute Indians have legends of tall, red-haired people who were their enemies. The remains of one was discovered in a cave in Nevada in 1911.

Created by the Draconian Confederation and their allies in order to observe, gather data and such, these robots take on various humanoid forms but appear metallic and somewhat jerky.

This refers to any beings that have modified their body with cybernetics to such an extent that they could be referred to as cyborgs.


SkepticThe Skeptic:
Much of the information obtained by the internet was either channelled or started as a hoax. The "Alien in My Fxxxing House" movie has been shown to be a hoax, however I posted it because it has the best depiction of the grays I have seen to date. Billy Meir, the source of the Pleidian histories, is thought to be a hoax by many, but not proven to be a hoax. Other videos on the web known to be a hoax: Area 51 Autopsy, and various "peeping Tom" videos. Obviously the video interviewing victums of cattle abduction is a joke. An interesting note: no where could I find evidence of the 1983 cow abduction being a hoax.

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