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(United) Federation of Planets:

The Federation was established during the Galactic Wars (humans vs. reptillians) as an alliance of the Lyran races. This includes civilisations from the Lyra constellation, Andromeda, the Pleiades and Hyades clusters, Wolf 424, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, and Epsilon Eridani, all of which originate from Lyra. The Federation allows mutliple star systems to work together for the common good. Eventually, it was joined by non-physical entities such as the Andromedans and the Arcturans, as well as civilizations from the anti-matter universe, including the Koldasians and the Dal. A few Reptillian planets have also joined. Today, it has some agreements with the two empires (Orion and Draconian) for scientific research and has a non-interventionalist policy on systems not in the Federation, such as the Sol System.

Draconian Confederation:

This empire originated from Alpha Draconis and is the main force behind the Reptillian agenda. It includes the "Unholy Six" (Sirius B, Polaris, Bellatrix, Betelguese, Rigel and Alpha Draconis) as well as the Greys from the Zeta Reticuli systems and a few human systems that have either defected or been captured.

Orion Empire:

When the Vegans engaged in space exploration, they encountered Reptillian races and forged an alliance in order to aid their common goals of imperialism and colonization. This empire consists of humanoids, reptillians and tall greys. It is allied with the Draconian Confederation, and ran by a group of elite greys.

The Alliance:

A break-away group from the Federation that believes in intervention with non-space faring planets, claiming that intervention only works when no one intervenes, and that the Draconian Confederation has a policy of intervention that must be countered. It includes members from Arcturus, Procyon and Alcyon, among others.