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Star Systems

There are apparently 21 known star systems in the immediate sector that are inhabited by alien species. The two main races are the reptillians and the humanoids. The reptillians, however, have a slave race known as greys. There is also an abandoned star system, Lyra, and our own contested Sol system.





Constellation: Lyra
Distance from Earth: 25 LY
Inhabitants: Humanoid.
Planets: Apex.

The original human homeworld, from which other planets were colonized. It was a mostly peaceful, agricultural world. Settlers from this region eventually went on to colonize Altair, Centauri, Sirius, Orion and Earth. A nuclear war erupted on Apex at some point, forcing survivors underground. Their DNA would then devolve and form the Gray race. These grays went on to colonize Zeta Reticuli I and II, as well as Mars and Maldek, a former planet thats destruction formed the asteroid belt.